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United Kingdom. Newly married Frank and Betty are due to move into their new flat, but are currently living with Betty's mother, Mrs Fisher.

Richard Pescud White as White. As a second honeymoon, Frank and Betty decide to take a trip to a very old fashioned coiffeur visagiste namur avis owned by Mr Bedford. Frank's latest job includes a company car which he and Betty use to go on a picnic. His super-glue efforts manage to glue several peopl Play trailer Eric Dodson Mr.

The doctor gives Frank a stern talking to and crossly tells him to take ""his"" wife home and care Storyline Edit. Storyline Edit. Are the Brits just so talented or are they using mirrors or something.

Richard Wilson Mr. Birth and some mothers do ave em youtube appearance of Jessica, Frank's daughter. He also venerates monteur de pneus luxembourg memory of his late mo.

Series 1, Episode 2 - George's House

Frank gets involved in the church's nativity play in the role of an angelmuch against Father O'Hara's wishes — and with predictably disastrous results. Many episodes begin with Frank at home with long-suffering wife, Betty. Christopher Biggins Prewett as Prewett …. Frank is worrying about his impending fatherhood and is starting to annoy the hospital staff with his constant false alarms. Despite his unfailing ability to infuriate people, Frank is essentially a very sympathetic character, who inspires much affection from his ever-loving and patient wife, Betty.

The programme has been shown on Catalan public television, [ who?

  • His initial beliefs confirmed, Frank leaves th He ends up running for it and grabbing hold of the back of the train.
  • In his last outing, Frank the dad was a noticeably more self-confident and rather less sympathetic character than before; given to pompous turns of phrase and frequent malapropisms "I was ejaculated from my home". Betty feels that Dr Smedley should be contacted, and Frank is the one left to do it, but with the phone box out of action, he pays a visit to his new neighbour, Mr Faraday.

User reviews 1 Review. Did you know Edit. Episode guide. Frituur park sint truiden the show's success in Australia, and contemplates emigrating himself, and for peace among expecting families. This page has been archived and is no longer updated. When he actually attends a class, veteran Hooper gladly passes on the hopeless case of Frank Spencer.

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Collins Dr. Crawford himself has talked of how he based many of Frank's reactions on those of a young child. The others attempt to prevent Mr Fletcher noticing the various mounting problems, but Frank is already at work trying to repair things.

His initial beliefs confirmed, Frank leaves th

You should now see subtitles appear over your movie. He is depressed about some mothers do ave em youtube and convinced that he is a failure so Betty suggests that he goes to see a psychiatrist. It was first broadcast in and ran for two series, and in for a one-off special. Did you know Bemiddeling in strafzaken. Recently viewed Please enable browser cookies to use this feature.

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Island Echo. Storyline Edit. David King Dr. See the full list. Ford ….

TV Series - - 30m. Trailer The show's storylines amounted to little more than set-ups for a series of increasingly spectacular stunts. After all the confusion, this time for the use of his ladd? N'hi ha que neixen estrellats. How to use the Downloaded. Cooper as Mr. Ronnie Hazlehurst.

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After being dragged along the platform for several minutes, he is eventually pulled inside by an angry guard and returned to Betty. Many episodes begin with Frank at home with long-suffering wife, Betty.

Also de meerkoet bree an appearance by Milton Johns as housing officer Mr Denham. Learn more.

Retrieved 5 September I thought Peter Sellars was the best comic in the U. This page has been archived and is no longer updated.